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About Punjab Industry
Industrial Scenario
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60 years of Industrial Development: 1947-2007  
The economic development of a nation or a region is generally determined by the level of it’s industrial development . Punjab which has done remarkably well in the field of agriculture is now well on its way to rapid industrialization through coordinated development of Small, Medium and Large scale industries. Punjab has a predominance of small-scale industry thanks to the indomitable spirit and entrepreneurial skills of Punjabis.0.2 million small scale industries and 600 large and medium scale industries functioning in the state involve fixed capital investment of Rs 54000 Million and Rs 20400 Million respectively.

Around about 1.18 Million people are employed in industrial sector in state. Exports from Punjab during 2004-05 is Rs 107289 Million. Engineering goods, hosiery items, pharmaceuticals, leather goods, food and agro products, textiles, electronics, hand and machine tools are some of the prominent range of products of Punjab. Image

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