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Industry Related Acts

Punjab Industrial Facilitation Act -2005

For Time Bound Clearances, The Entrepreneur, who has applied for Prescribed NOC/Approvals/Sanctions from Different Prescribed Departments, may get the Required Sanction/NOC/Etc through DEEMED APPROVAL Facility as per Act. Time Frame of Industrial Facilitation Act-2005 as Follows:-

(i) Change of land use
    (a) Focal Points carved out by          PSIEC/InfoTech
    (b) Focal Points carved out by PUDA
    (c) Other Areas ( Deptt. Of Housing &           Urban Dev.Punjab)
(ii) Grant of License under PAPR        Act,1995


(8) Incorporation of Societies /Firms from Registrar of Firms 10
(2) Consent to Establish (NOC) from          PPCB
*Clearance Certificate and Consent to Operate - State pollution Control Board
15 & 21
15 & 30
(9) Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum from GM ,DIC 5
(3) Site clearance for hazardous activity         Industries 30 (10) Sanction of water supplier & Sewerage Connection from PSIEC, MC 5
(4) Approval for Construction Activity and        Building Plan from
  (a) Chief Town Planner
  (b) Municipal Corp./Council
  (c) Director of Factories, Pb
  (d) PSIEC

(11) (A) Issue of Demand Notice from PSEB
       (i) LT Supply (upto 650 V)
       (ii) HT/EHT Supply (above 650V )
       (B) Release of Power Connection
       (i)without augmentation/errection/- -/extension         of system
       (ii)where only augmentation is Involved

       (iii) where errection of system is involved         regulator will decide the Time Period
       (C ) Feasibility
       (Approval by Chief Electrical Inspector )



LT Supply-45
Ht supply-60

(5) License for starting Factory from Director of Factories 15 (12)*Registration under V A T
       (Deptt. Of Excise & Taxation)
*License for Possession & Use of Spirit ( do)

(6) Approach /Entry/Exit for Factory from Chief Conservator of Punjab
    (a) where No forest land is involved
    (b) where forest land is involved

(13) Drug Mfg. License from Director of Health 30
(7) Permission /License for DG from PSEB
*Sets/Back up Power/Cogeneration from Chief Electrical Inspector
(14) Permission to Draw water from River/Canal(except where interstate canals are involved) 30

Handloom Reservation Act

Under this act the activities of Power Loom sector are monitored to keep a check to the effect that item reserved for handloom sector are not manufactured in the power sector.

Lubricating Control order 1987

The manufacturing storage and sale of lubricants is regulated by the DIC, which involves recommending new licenses/renewals to the Directorate and sample testing of Manufacturers/Dealers for compliance of Quality standards.

Mining & Mineral Act 1964

GM, D I C act as Mining Officer, which involves Identification of quarries on the district, Auction of quarries, curbing illegal mining, Assessment of royalty.

Director General of SAFEGUARDS (Deppt. Of Revenue, Ministry Of Finance, Govt. of India)

ANTI-DUMPING Agreement –Generally Imposed for 3 Years .

Registration of Charitable Societies

The Charitable Societies formed under the society act 1860 are registered by the DIC as an Additional Registrar of Societies, Punjab.

Boiler ACT

Any Installed Boiler( On whom Boiler Act Implies ) having capacity more than 25 liter of water (Appx.One Bucket) or Steam generated is used out side the Boiler through Pipes, Or Temp is raised above 100degree centigrade, Than It is Mandatory to have Boiler Certificate /Annual Renewal Certificate otherwise a Penalty of Rs one Lakh can be Imposed.

Right to Information Act 2005 (

A citizen of India has right to seek such information from a pubic Authority which is held by the Pubic Authority or which is held under its control. A citizen, who desires to obtain any information under the Act, should make an application & Deposit the prescribed nominal fee in a prescribed manner, Concerned Pubic Information Officer is required to provide information to the applicant with in thirty days of the receipt of a valid application.

Tax Exemptions
  • For Micro and Small Enterprises ,Under the General Excise exemption Scheme, Exemption Limit has been raised from I Crore to 1.5 Crore.and the turnover eligibility limit to avail the exemption benefits has been enhanced from Rs. 3 Crore to Rs. 4 Crore.
  • With effect from 1st April,2005.Small Service Providers having Turnover of upto Rupees 4 Lakh has been exempted from Service Tax, This exemption limit has been gradually raised to Rs.10 Lakh
  • In order to encourage small and Medium enterprises to invest and grow ,the Surcharge on all the firms and companies with a taxable income of Rs One Crore or less has been removed with effect from 1st April,2007.

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