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About Punjab Industry
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About Punjab Industry
Industrial Scenario

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Advantage of Punjab
  • Leading agriculture state, per capita income 25 per cent higher than the national average.
  • Second largest producer of cotton and blended yarn, third largest producer of mill made fabric.
  • Competitive strength in textiles, woolens and auto parts due to presence of industry clusters.
  • Opportunity for further developing sectors like agro-processing, IT, electronics and biotechnology.
  • Potential to introduce private participation in infrastructure.
  • Dynamic and productive people with over-whelming zest for hard labour. Highly educated and professional work force with abundance of skilled workers.
  • Visionary, responsive and dedicated administrative set-up committed to free enterprise and the state’s development.
  • High purchasing power. Punjab has the highest per capita income in India.
  • Availability of abundant, stable and cheap power and water supply.
  • Conducive and harmonious industrial relations.
  • Strong infrastructure including transportation and telecommunication with international linking.
  • Strong agricultural and well developed small/medium scale industrial base.
  • Fully developed export base.
  • Well developed financial services- banks, financial institutions and stock exchange.
  • Excellent quality of life, perhaps the best in India.
  • Peaceful and congenial environment.



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