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About Punjab Industry
Industrial Scenario

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Economic Snapshots
Sr.#SubjectUpdated Data
1.Capital Chandigarh
2.Area (sq km) 50,362
3.Population (Census 2001, million) 25.2
4.Literacy Rate (%) 70
5.Human Development Index 0.537 (all India rank 2nd)
6.Net State Domestic Product NSDP (US$ billion) 8.6
7.NSDP Growth (1993-94 to 2002-03)4.06 per cent (10 Years)
8.Per Capita Income (US$)574
9.Exports (US$ million)1,558
10.National Highways Length (km) 1,557
11.Rail Length (km) 2,102
12.International Airport Amritsar
13.Domestic Airports Chandigarh, Ludhiana
14.Key Industries Agro-processing, Textiles, Hosiery and Woolens, Light Engineering Goods
15.Industries with Growth Potential Agri-business, IT and Electronics, Infrastructure Development, Biotechnology

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