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Business Opportunities In Punjab

The recent liberalization of the country's economy has pitch-forked Punjab into the mainstream of global business. Punjab's inherent strengths and efforts to attract private investment make it a land of opportunities. Its rich agricultural base has the potential to add significant value to the food processing sector. Commercial agriculture can also assist the state leverage its competitive advantage in the sector.

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Similarly, the existing industrial base of the state can be encouraged to go in for forward integration in a variety of sectors such as textiles, light engineering goods, IT, chemicals and biotechnology.

Light Engineering Goods
Light engineering goods, which include bicycle and bicycle parts, tractors, auto components and hand tool industries, is another key area of strength for Punjab.
Punjab produces 1.8 million bicycles per annum, accounting for 15 per cent of the total bicycle production in the country, which stood at 12.3 million bicycles in 2003-04.
Punjab also holds an 80 per cent share in India's production of bicycle parts. India produced 48 million bicycle tubes and 50 million bicycle tyres in 2003-04.Two of the country's main bicycle producers, Avon and Hero Group, are based in Punjab. Punjab has a share of 7 per cent in the total tractor production in the country, which stood at 177,834 units in 2003-04.The two major tractor manufacturers in the state are Punjab Tractors Ltd and International Tractors.
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