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About Punjab Industry
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Punjab Tops in These Fields

Enterprise and endeavor, these two words symbolize the essential spirit of the People of Punjab. Combined with these qualities its average growth rate of 10 %, 58 % Literacy rate and highest per capita income in country makes it a land of boundless opportunity. Today Punjab offers distinct advantage for investment and industry.


The recent liberalization of the Indian economy, has pitch forked Punjab in to the global business mainstream. Heralding this change are more and more entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors with vision, from across the globe. Punjab is determined to achieve an annual industrial rate of growth of 12 per cent during the ‘90s. Going by the availability of raw materials and the thrust areas identified by the government, investment opportunities are in the following areas:

  • 1.5% of Geographical area 22% Wheat, 12 % Rice and 12 % Cotton.
  • Punjab consumes 10 % of fertilizer consumption of India, one third of all the tractors of India plough fields in Punjab.
  • Contributes 37.9 % of central pool of rice and 56.6 % of central pool of wheat.
  • Record yield of 42.07 quintals per hectare of wheat.
  • Per Capita eggs availability highest in India , 30 for India and 126 for Punjab.
  • 896 gm per capita milk availability is highest in India.
  • Per hectare fish production is highest, 41qtls vis a vis 21 quintals per hectare for India.
  • Highest number of vehicles per thousand population: - Motor vehicles –77, Tractors – 55.
  • Highest cropping intensity in the country.
  • Highest net area irrigated.
  • Highest yield rate per hectare
  • Highest contribution of wheat and rice to the national pool.
  • Highest consumption of fertilizers.
  • Highest number of tube wells.
  • Highest per capita income at current prices in India Rs 25652 against the national average of Rs 17978 during 2001-2002.
  • Highest number of small scale industries per capita.



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