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Regulatory Work

1. Capacity Assessment of Raw materials :


Prior to 1991 i.e. pre liberalization era there were various regulatory provisions for the industry and many of such regulations used to have role assigned to DIC like:


• Grant of Industrial License by GOI

• Capacity Assessment of raw materials required by industry which were available under the quota system i.e.


o Iron & Steel

o Cement

o Coal /Coke

o Furnace oil

o Paraffin Wax

o Non ferrous metals like copper, aluminum


With the passage of time & post 1992 the most of the raw materials have been de controlled but iron & Steel and coal is still being supplied at concessional rate to the Industries through state Corporation such as PSIEC for which capacity of the raw material is worked by the DIC and utilization of raw material is also monitored.


2. Allotment &Transfer of Industrial Plots :


2.1. Plots developed in Rural Industrial Estates and Urban Industrial Estate :


The Industrial plots developed by the Industries Department in rural area called Rural Industrial Estate are allotted at DIC level or given on lease for Industrial activities. Similarly Industrial Plots/sheds developed in the urban Industrial estate are allotted for industrial activities.


The end use of these plots is monitored by the DIC and transfer cases of these plots are also processed by the DIC and are recommended to Directorate.


2.2. Plots developed by Punjab Small Industries & Export Corporation Ltd :


Industrial Focal Points have also been developed by the PSIEC in the state, for e.g. in Ludhiana industrial Focal Points Phase 1 to 8 have been developed by PSIEC. The change in end products, constitution and rent out permission in these plots is allowed by the DIC.


3. Mining & Mineral act 1964 :


Under this act state authorizes the approved contractors to excavate sand, gravels, earth and other minerals by way of annual auctions. At the DIC level GM acts as Mining officer for the implementation of this act which involves Identification of quarries in the district, auction of quarries, collecting royalty for the auctioned value, curbing illegal mining, assessment of royalty.


Similarly Ordinary earth being used by Brick kilns also comes under the purview of this act and annual royalty is recovered from the brick kilns .Under this act a revenue is also generated for the state Govt.


4. Registration of charitable Societies :


The Charitable societies formed under the society act 1860 are registered by the DIC as a Additional Registrar of Societies Punjab. Certificate of registration and certified copies are provided under the act and revenue is also generated for the Govt.


5. Handloom Reservation Act :


Under this act the activities of Power loom sector are monitored to keep a check to the effect that item reserved for handloom sector are not manufactured in the power sector.


6. Lubricating Control order 1987 :


The Manufacturing, storage and sale of Lubricants is regulated by the DIC under Lubricated control order 1987 which involves recommending new Licenses/renewals to the directorate and sample testing of manufacturers/dealers for compliance of quality standards.


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