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Industrial Scenario - Ludhiana

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Profile of Ludhiana district

Basically there are following heads to be considered in resources :


1. Manpower


The manpower required for various types of industrial units is available in the district. Various institutes are catering to the daily needs of industries. For providing facilities such as Training, development of prototype, Jigs & fixtures, testing, consultancy for common facilities the following institutions have been set up in the district.

  • Punjab Test House for providing testing facilities.
  • Small Industries Services Institute in Industrial Area-B.
  • Advance Training Institute (ATI).
  • Central tool Room with the assistance of Germany.
  • Central Food Technology & Research for Food Industries.
  • Bicycle & Sewing Machine Research & Development Centre for Cycle & S/M Industry.
  • Auto Parts Research & Development centre.
  • Mechanical Engineering Research & Development Organization (MERADO).
  • Industrial development Centre for plastic goods.
  • Industrial Training Institute (ITI).
  • Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana.
  • Govt.Engineering College, Ludhiana.
  • P.A.U - for MBA.



Above institutes are providing skilled workers, Engineers, Managers & Professionals who are well equipped with daily needs of industry.


2. Material


The State is facing disadvantages from the location angle since it is away from natural resources, But the needs of industry are met well from within the district. There are rolling mills, Engineering Industries, Agro industries, Plastic industry, Textile industry, Rubber parts industry, Furnaces; Machinery Mfg. units who are in one way or the other are dependent on each other needs. Amongst natural material only agriculture is the natural resource absolutely available and the same is feeding agro based industry.


3. Machinery


There are many Machinery manufacturing units who are having international standards of quality & are supplying machinery to local Engineering units, Textile units, Hosiery units etc few industries are satisfying the replacement market requirements few others are producing dies & tools, yet another set is helping other small/tiny enterprises in designing, testing & Mfg material handlings equipment. Yet another set of industries is helping construction industry by providing construction equipments. Few units are helping Agro industries by providing Biscuit Mfg plants or such like. Yet few are providing Generator Set, Transformer etc which help another set during power shortage. Overall we can say that all type of indigenous Machinery at par with quality standards available within the Country, But there is shortage of R & D Institutes for Hosiery, textile, dying & such activities. Who can develop new Machinery at par with international standards? This line is changing very fast & there is urgent need for such institutes, similarly hand tools machinery development & other Mechanical Engineering.

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