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Subsidy / Grant - Related Schemes for Individuals

Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS)
  • 15% subsidy up to upper limit of Rs 15.00 Lakh on Purchase of New Machinery.
  • For selected 48 Industries.

Reimbursement Scheme for ISO -9000/ISO-14001/HACCP Certification

75% with upper limit of 75000/ of Expenditure incurred towards acquiring above

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Technology Up gradation Fund Scheme (TUFS)

The Various developmental schemes of Textile Commissioner are given as under:-
(I) 5% Interest Re-Imbursement charged by lending agency (4% for Spinning Machinery)
(II) 20% margin money subsidy (MMS) for Power Loom Sector in lieu of 5% Interest Re-Imbursement subject to ceiling of Rs200 lakh and ceiling on margin money subsidy of Rs 20 lakh minimum equity of 15% contribution from beneficiaries will be ensured.
(III) 15% Margin Money Subsidy for SSI Textile and Jute Industry in lieu of 5% Interest Re-Imbursement subject to ceiling of Rs200 lakh
(IV) 5% Interest Re-Imbursement & 10% Capital Subsidy for specified Processing Machinery required in manufacture of technical Textile & Garmenting Machinery
(V) 25% Capital Subsidy for Hand Loom Sector on purchase of New Machinery, Equipments for Pre & Post Loom Operations, Hand looms/ Up gradation of Hand Looms & Testing and Quality Control Equipments.
(VI) Benefits of the Scheme Upto 25% of the Cost of Machinery Such as Power Saving Devices, Effluent Treatment Plant, In-House R&D, IT including ERP, TQM including adoption of ISO/BIS standards, CPP etc.

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Participation in International Trade Fair

a. 75% of Economy air fare for one Person
b. 50% of Space Rent
c. Upton Rs 15000 for Logistic
d. Upper Limit is Rs 125000 (100% Reimbursement to Women ,SC/ST,etc)

Small Industry cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP)
  • Minimum 20Active Members/ Entrepreneurs are Required to form SPV
  • Aid/ Financial Assistance from GOI varies from 30 % , 50 % and 70% for small Enterpri
  • 40%, 60% & 80% for Micro Enterprises
  • Aid up to Rs 10 Lakh for Soft Interventions and up to Rs 10 Crores for Hard Interventions

Small Industry cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP)

MAIN STEPS :-Selecion of cluster, Selection of Cluster Developnment Executive(s), trust Building, Diagnostic Study, Prepration of Action Plan, Approval of Budget and leveraging of funds from various institutions, Implementation of the action plan, Monitoring and evolution ,Handling over and Exit, Self Management phase.

(5.1)Cluster units must together have majority stake in such an entity with no single unit having financial share of more than 10% in the equity capital(or equivalent capital contribution) of the SPV

(5.3)There should be Minimum of 20 small scale Industry (SSI) or Smaller (Tiny/Micro) cluster units serving as members of the SPV

Phase Aid
1 Diagnostic Study Max Rs 2.25 Lakh. (90 % of the cost of Study)
2 Soft Interventions 12-Part-I of the Enclosures (Annex. I to IV) Organizing Workshops/Seminars, Training & Exposure Visits, Market Developnment, Lainch bof Website, Common Procurement, Common/Complementary Sales and Branding Etc. Rs 10 Lakh
3 Hard Interventions art-II of the sures(Anx V & VI)
(13.1c) ACTIVITY
Developmental CFC Projects(DV)
Gov. Support of 70 %
for small & upto 80%
for Micro Units
Testing Facility. Design Centre, Mini Tool Room, Research & Developnment Centre, Training Centre,
Quasi- Developlmental CFC Projects (QD) Gov. Support of 50% for Small & upto 60 % for Micro Effluent Treatment Plant,Information Centre/Sub-Contrating Exchange,Common Logistics Centre(Inland Container Depot or Inlformation Hub)
Quasi-Commercial CFC Projects l(CL) Gov. Support of 30% for Small & upto 40% for Micro Commmon Produntion/Processiong Centre, Marketing Display/Selling Centre, Common Raw Material/Sakes Depot
Subject to ceiling of Rs 10 Crores per project including Rs 10 Lakh for Soft Activities i.e Capacity building activities in the cluster where no fixed assest is acquired for formed

Cluster of Women's Enterprises(WE) are entitled upto 90% assistance, While other Clusters may receive lesser percentages, depending on case to case

Industrial Infrastructure Upgradition Scheme (I I U S)

One Time grant-in-aid (NOT Equity)to the SPV formed by the Cluster association for development of the Infrastructure .The central grant will be restricted to 75% of the project cost subject to ceiling of Rs 60 Crores.
The remaining 25% will be financed by other stake holders of the respective cluster/Location.

Lean manufacturing Programme (for Ten (10) MSMEs as Mini Cluster/spv)

MSMEs will be assisted in reducing their manufacturing costs, through proper management, better space utilization, scientific inventory management, improved processed flows, reduced engineering time and so on through Lean Manufacturing Councellors or Consultants (LMC) & would be paid upto Rs 2 Lakh per month the Maximum annual fees for the Consultant could be Rs.24 Lakh Besides entitlement of Rs 8 Lakh for Implementing Authority. Total Maximum cost per lean Lean Manufacturing Mini Cluster is Rs 32 Lakh.
Ten Participating Units are expected to Contribute at least 20% i.e., Rs 6.40 Lakh
E –mail: vadlakha[at]dcmsme[dot]gov[dot]in         Shri V .Adalakha, Dy Director Tel-011-23061932
(22) Mini Tool Rooms 011-23062561 / E MAIL-rkrai[at]nic[dot]in

  • 40% to 90% of project cost as grant by Central Government
  • Upper Limit Rs 9 Crores
  • Available to State /UT/Good NGO & Trade Associations/Individuals

Scheme for Capacity building
  • Available to Good trade Associations -- subsidy upto 50%
    Up to Rs 10Lakh for office, Training of staff, Furniture, Computer etc

Intellectual Property Rights (I P R)

The Indian MSME sector needs more information, orientation and facilities for protecting their Intellectual Powers. The objective is to enhance awareness of MSME about Intellectual Property Rights to take measures for the protecting their Ideas and Business Strategies.

S.NO Activity Max. Grant Per Application/Proposal(Rs in Lakh)
a. Awareness /Sensitization Programmes on IPR 1.00
b. Pilot studies for selected cluster/Group of Industries 2.50
c. Interactive Seminars /Workshops 2.00
d. Special Training
short term ( S T )
Long Term ( L T )

S T -6.00
L T – 45.00
e. Assistance for Grant on Patent/ G I Registration
   (i) Domestic Patent
   (ii) Foreign Patent
   (iii) G I Registration

(i)   0.25
(ii)   2.00
(iii)   1.00
f. Setting up of IP Facilitation Centre for MSME 65.00
g. Interaction with International Agencies
   (i) Domestic Intervention
   (ii) International Exchange Programme

(i)   5.00
(ii)   7.50

011-23062561   E Mail- anilkumar[at]dcmsme[dot]gov[dot]in

Industrial Textile Park SITP Ministry of Textile
  • Development of Mega Cluster Scheme
  • Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme(TUFS)
  • Technology Mission on Cotton(TMC)
  • Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) Scheme
  • Powerloom Schemes
  • Jute Technology Mission(JTM)
  • Jute Manufactures Development Council
  • National Centre for Jute Diversification
  • Guidelines of the Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks
  • Textile Workers’ Rehabilitation Fund Scheme (TWRFS)

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International Cooperation
  • For participation in Trade Fairs/ Exhibitions and Buyer Seller Meets etc. holding International conferences and seminars on themes of interested to the MSME sector .For Delegation to the other countries for exploring new areas of technology ,facilitating joint ventures and improving markets
  • Available to Good trade Associations
  • Up to Rs 15 Lakh for International & Rs 10 Lakh for National event

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Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS)
  • Become Vocational Training Providers by Existing Industry/ Association having more than 100 Workers/ Members
  • Certification of Training by Central Government
  • Reimbursement of Training Fee at the rate of Rs 15 per Hour per Person for Four hours per Day

You are always welcome for any Assistance, Suggestions for Betterment of MSME and Even for any Grievance For further Details kindly visit website for Central Government Schemes or
Feel Free to Contact -General Manager, District Industry Centre Ldh Tel- 0161-2532052 Fax 0161-2534558 E Mail - gmi.ludhiana @ .

For More / 011-23710485)

Mini Tool Rooms   011-23062561 / E MAIL-rkrai[at]nic[dot]in
  • 40% to 90% of project cost as grant by Central Government
  • Upper Limit Rs 9 Crores
  • Available to State /UT/Good NGO & Trade Associations/IndividuaL

Modernization of Abattoirs :-(www.mofpi (Govt.of India Ministry of Food Processing Industries)

Objectives of the Scheme:

  • Scientific and hygienic slaughtering of the Animals.
  • Application of modern technology for slaughter waste management and pollution control.
  • More human treatment of animals/minimizing transportation of animals.
  • Better by product utilization/value addition.
  • Providing chilling facility to prevent microbial actibvity in slaughtered animals.
  • Better hygiene, safety and retail cold chain management.
  • Better forward linkage facilities for finished meat & meat products.

Pattern of Assistance:

3.1 The Scheme envisages a grant of 50% of the cost of plant and machineries and Technical Civil work and other eligible items mentioned below in para 3.2 subject to a maximum of Rs.15.00 Crores in general areas and 75% of the cost of Plant and Machineries and Technical Civil work and other eligible items mentioned below in para 3.2 subject to a maximum of Rs. 15.00 Crores in difficult areas (NE States including Sikkim, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and ITDP notified areas of the States) per abattoir.

Operational guidelines for Total Quality Management System :-(

Objectives of the Scheme:

  • To motivate the food processing industries for adoption of food safety and quality assurance mechanisms such as TQM including ISO 14000, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP,GHP.
  • To prepare them to face global competition in post WTO Regime.
  • To enable adherence to stringent quality and hygiene norms.
  • To enhance product acceptance by overseas buyers.
  • To keep Indian industry tecdhnologically abreast of International best practices.
  • Better hygiene, safety and retail cold chain management.

Pattern of Assistance:

All Implementing Agencies i.e. Central/State Govt. Organisations, IITs, Univerisites and Private Sector will be eligibloe for reimbursement of 50% of cost of consultant fee, fee charged by Certification Agency, Plant and Machinery, Technical civil works, and other expenditure towards implementation of Total Quality Management System including ISO 14000, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP and GHP in general areas, subject to maximum limit of Rs.15 lakh and 75% in difficult areas subject to a maximum of Rs.2o0 lakh.

Summary of the Components to the Individual weavers and sharing of financial assistance for Clusters having handlooms in the range of 300-500.

S.No Components Financial assistance per weaver Sharing GOI:State:IA/Beneficiary
(a) Basic Inputs
Rs.6,000/- towards margin money-one time
Rs.8,000/- towards new loom-one time
Rs.4,000/- towards dobby-one time.
Rs.6,000/- towards jacquard-one time.
Rs.2,000/- towards accessories-one time.
70: 20 : 10
(b) Construction of Workshed For construction of a workshed, covering 20 Sq.mtrs. financial assistance upto Rs.25,000/- will be provided by the GOI in the case of weavers Below Poverty Line and in the case of other weavers GOI will provide assistance only upto 75% of Rs. 25,000/- i.e Rs. 18,750/- Remaining to be borne by the State Govt./beneficiary.
(c) Skill up-gradatuion(ceiling of 15% of the total project cost) Provision for a batch of 20 trainees will be
Rs.3,00 lakh for weaving,
Rs 1,00 lakh for dyeing,
Rs.0.50 lakh for designing,
Rs.0.25 lakh for managerial training for a batch of 50 trainees-one time.
100% GOI

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