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Industrial Scenario - Ludhiana

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Profile of Ludhiana district
Topography of the district is the typical representative of an alluvial plain; it owes its origin to the aggravation work of the Satluj River. The alluvial deposited by the river has been worked over by the wind which gave rise to the number of small dunes & sand mounds. Most of these dunes have been leveled by the brave hardworking agriculturist of the district.The district can be divided into :
1) The flood plain of the Satluj:
The flood plain exists near the river covering areas about 500 Sq. Kms. Which is nearly 16% of the total area of the district. It is locally known as “Bet”. It can further divided into two parts.
  • The Mand Area: Which is inundated by the river in the high water.
  • The flood free plain: The plain has been reclaimed for agricultural purpose after the construction of Bhakra Dam.
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2) The upland plain: The upland is know as Dhaiya. It account of 84% of the total area.
It is a flat area generally but there were sand dunes in the most of the area.

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