What's E-Marketing Portal

The portal is an endeavour of the Government of Punjab, Department of Industries & Commerce to provide a common electronic platform to the industries in Punjab for facilitating promotion of business opportunities across India and overseas. The portal will help to increase the base of national and international buyers in Punjab.

Using this Portal



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Using this Portal

e-Marketing is an online B2B (business to business) trade platform connecting buyers and suppliers worldwide. It facilitates you with a number of Search options to find and fulfill your requirements. It offers you to get registered and project your commercial strength to the national as well as International market. A registered user can create and manage his/her own Product Catalogue, similarly can post and manage Buying/Selling Leads. All its services are cost free and no ways applicable for any kind of charges.

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E-Marketing's search engine is an easy way to find the information you are seeking. For help on searching the site, please visit our search tips page.

1. Enter the name of the product you want in the search bar
2. Click Search

Click on a product in the search results to find out more about the product. On each product page, you can send messages to the supplier by clicking Contact Now.If you are interested in the products on our site, simply contact the supplier directly about the price and transaction details at given contact details.

To increase your chances of finding suitable suppliers, post your requirements in a Buying Lead. Buying Leads are free wanted ads that tell suppliers exactly what you want to buy making it easier to attract the right suppliers.

The best way to promote your products online is to display your products on the portal as much as you can with the best Description and simple Keywords. You can add up to 3 Pictures for each product.

You can also search for buyers directly by checking the latest Buying Leads. Buying Leads are like wanted ads or purchase requests that tell you exactly what buyers are looking for.


This site has an extensive privacy policy explaining the collection and use of information and more.

If you register to access services available on this site, your information will not be shared with any organizations outside Government and agency authorized.

This privacy statement only covers this portal. This privacy statement does not cover other websites linked to from this domain.

Department of Industries & Commerce, Punjab may use information it holds to prevent and detect fraud. We may also divulge such information, for the same purpose, to other governmental organizations or law enforcing agencies.

E-Marketing Web Portal goes to great lengths to protect the confidentiality and integrity of any personal information you share with us over the Internet. E-Marketing treats personal data such as enterprise information as critical assets that must be guarded at all times against loss and unauthorized access.

See our privacy policy for more information on how we protect your information.

Use of the E-Marketing Web Portal is subject to a Terms of Use Agreement.


E-Marketing Portal visitors who wish to create a username and password to access member contents on this portal are first required to register their SSI or EM Part2 number on IIWP (Industry Interface Web Portal) , portal for DIC (District Industries Centre), Ludhiana.
You can register your account by going to our online form and enter the details asked for, also make sure that you are supplying a valid e-mail address when you register. This is done for several reasons:
  • Allows you to receive e-mail regarding the activation of your account.
  • Allows you to receive password reminders via e-mail if you happen to forget your password.
  • Allows you to receive user queries from various portions of the portal.
  • Enables E-Marketing Portal support team to contact you for administrative purposes relative to your Web account and/or changes to E-Marketing Portal services.
Once completed you will be able to log into the E-Marketing Web Portal.

Once you complete with the registartion process, go to the e-mail account of the Id you provided at the time of registration. Follow the link given for account activation in confirmation mail. Activation link takes you to a new form where you can set your password.

To ensure your privacy, we do not keep passwords on file. To retrieve a lost password, please visit the Forgot Password page. You will need to enter your E-Marketing User Id and Email Address. If these values matches an account in E-Marketing database we will send you a message to your e-mail address containing new password.

How do I change my password or username?

To change your password, visit the Change Password page.

I've tried using the "forgot Password?" link however I never received the e-mail with new password or instructions on how to set up a new password.

First you should check with your IT/Technical Support group to ensure e-mails from ___ are not being filtered by the server at your company/ISP. If no filters are in place, please fill out this form for help.

Account Administration

How do I update my mailing address or other information?

E-Marketing registered members may update their preferred mailing address and other contact details by accessing member content. Registration is required for members to access "member-only" content. By visiting Edit Profile link one can change his/her registration details.